Francis Brown Travels

Uncle Fran is preparing to take a vacation to Barbados, and so we thought it would be interesting for people to see and read about his experiences in the Caribbean.

The view looking from Miami beach towards the fishing boats.

The fresh catch that the boats bring in daily and that we eat often.

Looking down Miami beach from where we turn onto the road.

A boat in the boat yard across from the fish market.

These are just some of the many wonderful places that one can experience here in lovely Barbados.

To prepare you for how beach loving Francis Brown and the rest of the crew are we have some photos from the memory books to share:

Fran is having a great time here. We’ve been out to lunch and had fresh seafood at the Surfer’s Cafe! We’ve eaten tons of fish that we’ve bought at the local fish market in Oistens. There has been lots of relaxing on the poarch and in the living room, sitting on the beach and napping.

One Response to “Francis Brown Travels”

  1. This is a great collection of old and new photos- what year was it that Fran went down ? Putting names with the old family groupings would be useful for archival records-

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