2016 in Review


Early morning adventures on Sea Dragon

It’s hard to believe that it is already 2017!

img_93772016 was a monumental year for me (and the farm). On the first of January I purchased the farm business from my parents – Tony and Fran McQuail. What that really meant is that I was committed to the farm even more than I have in the past and that we were working towards the sale/transfer of the farm land to me as well.

This meant that the majority of my life in 2016 was focused on continuing the process of farm succession and learning all of the ins and outs of running a successful farm business. You can follow the farm’s Instagram here for daily doses of cute creatures and farm adventures.

img_9459Other than that, I was in my first year of being the conference coordinator for Continuing Revolution, Pendle Hill’s young adult Friend conference focused on the intersection of spirituality and activism. The 2016 conference in June was on Integrity as a Radical Act. I worked with my assistant coordinator, Amy Gruelich and I think we pulled off a fairly successful conference. Anyone interested in the 2017 Continuing Revolution conference on Peace and Justice should check out our website or get in touch!

Steve & KatrinaIn the fall of 2015, I accepted the role of co-clerk for Friends General Conference’s 2017 summer Gathering in Niagara Falls, NY. So I spent many hours in 2016 working with my co-clerk, Steve Molhke, and many others starting the preparations for the 2017 Gathering: Ripples Start Where Spirit Moves. This included attending the 2016 Gathering at St. Benedict’s in Minnesota where Steve and I learned a lot about what our roles would entail and had the opportunity to invite all of the attendees to 2017. We made a pretty entertaining skit which included me going over the Falls in a barrel. I hope to see many of you there this July!

img_9307The rest of the summer was spent in full farm mode with a quick trip out to California with Owen and Laurie, a short family canoe trip with Tony, Fran, Rachel, Robin, Elliot and Emily. Always a treat. We did a couple of farm related events in conjunction with Ignatius farm and I had a hilarious road trip down to Vermont with Ellie.

I continued as a PADI open water scuba instructor with Float n Flag out of Burlington, teaching about a course a month, but as we got further into the fall and winter, I’ve had to step back from teaching. I just don’t have the time or energy to make the long drives on top of everything else I am committed to.

There have been ongoing adventures in the Lodge, which continues to feel a little more homey with each project completion. Tony, Fran and I did not go for our annual canoe trip in September due to some farm staffing complications, but I guess that just means that we’ll have to go twice next year!

img_9729The fall was a blurr of Quaker committee meetings for FGC, attending the Lyman Fund annual retreat and my 10 year college reunion! Hard to believe that much time has passed.I continue to enjoy my bookclub and the wild smart women which is what the wild women farmer group has morphed into. I took the fall off from dancing, but plan to start again in 2017.

I had a fun group of friends, some of whom I haven’t seen for 2 years up for my birthday which was the only weekend I was home in about an 8 week period. We’ve been going to the Goderich Makers’ Market throughout the fall and will continue for the winter.

img_0691Christmas was delightfully quiet with no travel, though sadly we ended up with a fair amount of seasonal colds and flus. And I brought in the New Year with some of my favourite people after signing the farm sale agreement with my folks so that I am now the official owner of this beautiful hunk of land.

The first half of 2017 looks to be very focused on the farm, specifically launching our vegetable and flower CSA. And a lot of FGC Gathering 2017 and Pendle Hill Continuing Revolution: Peace.




Tony moving hay, winter 2016

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