And So It Begins…

IMG_4527For anyone that knows my family, it will come as no surprise that we’ve been holding a succession planning conversation for the farm for about 8 years now. Once a year, my parents gather my sister and me along with (serious) significant others for a half-day long, usually facilitated conversation about the fact that they are getting older and are going to need to retire from the day-to-day of farm life. Would one or both of us have an interest in taking over the farm.

When this process started, I was about 22 and fresh out of college. There was NO way that I was returning to rural Southwestern Ontario to live out my years. I mean, the closest movie theatre is a half hour drive away! But as the years have passed I ended up back on the farm for 2 summer seasons managing our market garden before an epically bad breakup inspired my mom to suggest that perhaps I needed some time away before deciding if I really wanted to be on the farm permanently.

So- I did what any reasonable person would do. I sent an e-mail to all of my favourite people in the world and suggested that if they found me a job that I could get which I loved, I would move to wherever that was. Easy-peasy. The lucky winner was in Guelph, Ontario and I’ve spent the last 3.5 years managing a small social-change not-for-profit called 10 Carden (check it out, they are awesome).

Since our family had been having these yearly conversations about farm succession, but my parents didn’t seem any closer to “retiring”, I’d gotten rather complacent about the whole thing, so fall 2013 when my folks were like- alright ladies. This is it- are you in? It was a shock to the system. I’d thought they’d just threaten to retire annually but never actually get around to it. SURPRISE!

We had the family conversation, and it seemed pretty clear that my sister and her husband, though passionate about the farm and currently really excited about planting out fruit and nut trees, they are not prepared to uproot their lives from the fabulous thing they’ve got going on in Kitchener to move back and take up a profession both of them seem pretty darn allergic to.

So… That leaves me, slowly preparing to start the transition process to take over MPOF as of January 1, 2015. BOOM.


~ by mcquaka on December 4, 2014.

One Response to “And So It Begins…”

  1. What a great adventure! Hope to come out for a visit! xo

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