Feelings of Spring

The start of the new year always makes me think of seed catalogues (which some of us refer to as “seed porn”) starting plants and the excitement that is getting back outside after the long winter. This year, I’ve decided to take a break from the farm. Not because I don’t think I want to be farming, but after taking a longer term look, it makes sense for me to be out there in the world, amassing my fortune and getting social stimulation for the next few years so that when I go back to the farm I am in a more financially secure place.

That doesn’t stop me from thinking that I should be planting my onion and leek seeds right now so that they will grow into happy little plants that can be transplanted out into the garden using the new grid invention I came up with last summer.

The early spring is also an ideal time to do pruning. We have apple trees, grapes, currant bushes, raspberries and a number of other random fruit trees (plums, pears, and cherries) that require our love and attention if we want them to continue their fabulous fruit production. There are lots of opinions on when to prune depending on what you are aiming for, and perhaps fall pruning would be better, but in my experience, sometimes you have to prune when you have the time to do it (read spring) rather than when is ideal.

Being on a beach in Barbados does make me miss the grind of feeding the cattle and horses while trudging through snow, especially now that my father has creating the most incredible round-bale unrolling horse-drawn contraption. I miss Shasta and her belly rubbing antics, our barn kittens: Ellie and Patches, mom’s house cat and even the Lodge. I miss being able to gather the eggs from our laying hens and eating food that I helped put away and grow/raise.

This year, I missed the Guelph Organic Conference (and my friend Grayden’s birthday) to appease friends and get my fill of vitamin-D. Though I still struggle with the idea that I chose to write ‘Farmer’ on customs forms as my profession, I miss the community that I am slowly starting to feel a part of.


~ by mcquaka on February 7, 2011.

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