Shasta arrives on the farm

I firmly believe that every farm should have a farm-dog, so when our dog Abby was hit by a car, though I was crushed I thought we should get a new one. My parents disagreed. They were done having their hearts broken every time our farm dog passed away. We spent 11 years without a dog on the farm.

In March I was working in the hoop house with a visiting friend and my mom. We were prepping the beds for our first planting of mitzuna, arugula and spinach. Yum right? Well, there I am kneeling on the dirt, focused on the complete anhiliation of the twitch grass when this big, golden, furry thing comes flying through the un-patched hole in the hoop house wall at me. I shrieked in terror; my friend almost died of shock and my mother greeted the excited puppy with some calming words.

That completely ended our otherwise productive day. We had to figure out what to do with her, where to keep her so that she wouldn’t run off, call all the neighbours to find out if she happened to belong to anyone they knew and to pay her as much attention as possible seeing as there was NO WAY we were going to KEEP HER!!!

Fast forward a month and a half. We’ve named her, gotten her a collar and have become totally attached. Our best guess is that someone from an urban area abandoned her in the country. She spent her first couple weeks here being totally amazing about the big animals, the woods, all the space and the smells.

Shasta catches a ride on the forcart

She has already had many adventures. The biggest of which was when the local Amish school children saw her wandering around the end of our laneway and thought she was one of our neighbour’s dogs… so they used string to make a leash and took her to school with them. She spent the whole day tied up outside of school, being played with at recess and I’m sure fed all sorts of lunch scraps until they were headed home. They were taking her with them to drop off at this neighbour’s house when my dad saw them. He caught up to them and rescued our dog-napped pet. She was utterly exhausted and happy to find the solitude of her spot in the woodshed.

Shasta is absolutely beautiful. She is mostly Golden Retriever and we think mixed in with some Collie. She has the most pleasant disposition and loves behind the ear scratches and belly rubs. We have no idea how old she is. Her energy level says puppy to 4 or 5 years, so that is our best guess. She usually comes when called but will some times fake you out. You’ll call her, you’ll see her head pop up and she’ll look at you. Then she’ll take two steps towards you before running in completely the opposite direction!

I’m glad she found and has decided to adopt us!


~ by mcquaka on May 11, 2010.

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